I’ve been working on a psychological thriller that blends dream mythology with sleep science. The project, entitled DREAM KEEPERS, grew out of my interest in ancient conceptions of realities underlying the dream world as well as my scientific work on the sleeping mind. The novel is the first in a planned series that will explore the nature of human dreams as well as their interplay with wakefulness. If you’d like to learn more, please join my mailing list and I’ll be happy to keep you posted on any developments. 

Please note that this project is represented by Jessica Papin at Dystel & Goderich & Bourret Literary Management. The summary below is taken from the agency’s web site.

When Dr. Philippe Harden, an expert in sleep forensics, is called in to investigate the mysterious death of a man in a remote area of the Italian Dolomites, he sets out on an unwitting journey that will challenge all he knows as a scientist, and call into question the nature of dreams and reality. Working alongside a local detective and a colleague from his sleep lab, Harden discovers unsettling evidence about the man’s violent demise, his link to a long-lost vase, and about a powerful secret the vase is believed to hold. Convinced that the man’s young son—the only suspect in the case—is innocent, and troubled by his own increasingly ominous dreams, Harden is forced to consider the unthinkable—that the dreams of mankind have somehow been infiltrated. Plunged into a world whose workings lie beyond his scientific grasp, Harden joins the boy on an improbable mission to find the vase and comprehend the forces lurking within our dreams. In so doing, he places himself on a course that will force him to choose between his faith in rationality and a leap into a perilous unknown. In DREAM KEEPERS a heady, brilliant and mind-bending debut, sleep researcher Dr. Antonio Zadra, an expert on nightmares and lucid dreaming, and the director of a dream lab at the University of Montreal, interweaves both the science and the mythology of dreams in a tale that is inventive, original, and utterly spellbinding. Set against a backdrop that beggars Freud, with shades of David Mitchell’s THE BONECLOCKS and the film Inception, DREAM KEEPERS will change how you view your own nocturnal dreams, and the figures that inhabit them.