2020 - présent

Washington Post:  In our dreams, a theater of the unconscious.

The Spectator: The importance of daydrams. 

Science: When dream interpretation meets modern science. 

RadioWest Wildly CuriousRobert Stickgold and Antonio Zadra On Dreams

Cool Science Radio: Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep with Author Antonio Zadra

The Scientist: The Biological Function of Dreams

The Scientist: NEXTUP and the Default Mode Network

Psychology Today: Theatre of the Mind

The Wellnest: Are You Having Vivid Dreams in Quarantine? Here's Why.

Gizmodo: Is there a Way to Cure or Prevent Nightmares?

ABC Everyday: Your coronavirus dreams might tell you how you're really feeling


Science et Avenir:  Sommeil et rêves, les dernières découvertes

La Presse:  COVID-19 : pandémie de rêves

Psychologies: Nos cauchemars sont nos alliés


Autres articles des années précédentes...

Today's parent: Do babies dream? 

The Guardian: Night terrors: what do anxiety dreams mean?

The Nature of Things (CBC): While you were sleeping

 Toward a Science of Consciousness: Sleep Mentation and Sleep EEG During Adult Somnambulism

Scroll.in : Sleepwalking is an old human survival mechanism gone wrong in a new world

Le Nouvel Observateur (France) : Vos rêves les intéressent. (PDF)

RedOrbit : Why we don’t remember our dreams (and how to get better at it).

RedOrbit: Sleep expert: Men and women have different dreams

Time Magazine : Analyzing John Brooks’ Dream About Scoring The Winning Goal

The Guardian: How the gender divide reaches into our nightmares

Slate: Men Have Nightmares About Earthquakes, While Women Have Nightmares About Relationship

Bloomberg: Dreams about work: Your nightmares decoded.

NPR : Floods or Family Conflict? Bad dreams differ by gender

Le Monde: Donner ses rêves à la science

American Association for the Avancement of Science : Sleepwalking brains

io9 : What is the most common nightmare?

The Scientist : Decoding Dreams

La Presse: Pourquoi rêve-t-on?

La tête ailleurs  (Radio Canda) : Les rêves : entre le réel et l’irréel.

The New York Times: Nightmares and Mental Health (Room for debate online)

New Yorker : Nightmare scenario :  can we learn to re-write our bad dreams?