What are the most frequently reported themes in people’s nightmares?

The most frequent themes in nightmares are:

(1) physical aggression (threat or direct attack to one's physical integrity by another character, including sexual aggression, murder, being kidnapped or sequestered;
(2) interpersonal conflict (conflict-based interaction between two characters involving hostility, opposition, insults, humiliation, rejection, infidelity, lying, etc.);
(3) failure or helplessness (difficulty or incapacity of the dreamer to attain a goal, including being late, lost, unable to talk, losing or forgetting something, and making mistakes);
(4) Health-related concerns and death (presence of physical illness, disease, health-related concerns, or death of a character or of the dreamer);
(5) being chased (dreamer being chased by another character but not physically attacked);
(6) apprehension/worry (dreamer is afraid or worried about someone or something, without an objective threat being present);
(7) evil presence (seeing or feeling the presence of or being possessed by an evil force, including monsters, aliens, vampires, spirits, creatures, ghosts, etc);
(8) accidents (the dreamer or another character is involved in an accident, including vehicle accidents, drowning, slipping, falling, etc.);
(9) Disaster/calamity (plausible events ranging from relatively small scale anomalies such as a fire or flood in one's house or neighborhood to larger scale disasters such as earthquakes, war, the end of the world, etc);
(10) Insects/vermin (presence of or infestation, bites or stings from insects, rats, snakes, etc.)

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