Do blind people dream?

Perhaps due to the highly visual nature of dreaming, people always have wondered if blind people dream.  So what do we know?  Questionnaire and lab studies show that people who are born blind or become blind before age 4 or 5 do dream even though they do not see images in their dreams. However, the dreams of blind people tend to contain much greater mentions of touch, taste and smell.. They are also much more likley to report sensory detials like surface textures (e.g., the edge of table was rough, as if it was unfinished), ambient temperature (e.g., the air was damp and cold), or the slope of a terrain (e.g., "the sidewalk was angled downward"). It is noteworthy that people who become blind after age 5 or 6 often retain visual imagery in their dreams, which suggests that there is a window for the development of the capacity to have visual dreams. More recent studies also suggest that blind people may experience more nightmares than the average person, possibly due to the greater risks they face (e.g., missing a step, being hit by a car) while navigating their daytime environments.

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