The Dreamkeepers

When Dr. James Dillan is called in to investigate the death of a woman in a remote area of the Italian Alps, he starts to unravel a sinister plot to subvert people’s dreams and create a world where malevolent powers will thrive.  

Working alongside a detective he trusts and a brilliant colleague he secretly loves, Dillan discovers unsettling evidence about the woman’s death. Convinced that her young son—the only suspect in the case—is innocent, and troubled by his own increasingly ominous dreams, Dillan considers the unthinkable: that the dreams of humankind have been infiltrated.

Plunged into a world with workings that lie beyond his scientific grasp, Dillan embarks on an improbable journey to comprehend the forces lurking within our dreams. In so doing, he places himself on a course that will force him not only to confront his past, but also the clandestine forces bent on poisoning people’s dreams. 

If you like H.P. Lovecraft, Ursula K. Le Guin, or enjoyed Inception, you’ll love THE DREAMKEEPERS.



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Praise for The Dreamkeepers

An ingenious thriller novel.Carlos H. Schenck, Author of Sleep.

Gripping from beginning to end. —IJoDR

An entrancing, highly original tale in the mode of Gibson and Stephenson. —J. F. Pagel, Author of The Limits of Dream

A fast-paced detective/dreamworld fantasy packed with solid information and a thought-provoking plot. — David (